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Paw of Fame

In 2014 we created the Paw of Fame to recognize individual donors who support the show. The plan is to keep this updated quarterly. If you would like to support the show simply join the PAW of FAME by donating at least $1.00 per month to support our content.

For less than a nickle per show, you can help keep Clemson Sports Talk on in the "Belly of the Beast" Columbia, South Carolina and around the world via iHeart Radio.

Can you give more?? Sure, but you shouldn't feel compelled. This is about what you think our show is worth.

Below is a sample of Clemson Sports Talk. We deliver hurry-up, no-huddle sports talk each and every evening. Support "The Show the Shakes the Southland"!

Clemson Sports Talk - One Year Anniversary Show - 7-15-14 by Clemson Sports Talk on Mixcloud

$1.00 Patrons

Gene Kennerly

Bill Willis

McEntire ANG Clemson Fans

Matthew Krofchick

$5.00 Patrons

Andrew White

Wyn Kitteredge

Mark Mixon

Michael Reese

Dirk Aydlette

Billy Boozer

Chris Adams

Darryall White

$10.00 Patrons

Ouida Dest

Jeff Still

Monica Gende

George Fields

Joey Pfrommer

Selvy Cobb

$20.00 and up Patrons

Pawsitive Mike

Terry Pierce

Marc Paisant

Craig Harmon

Clem Collins

Zach Beyer

Scott Mason

Jamie Drake